Every day now we have decide to soldier on despite all the terrible news of each day and despite our losses.

I know for me it helps to have a spiritual practice and to nurture my own relationship with the Divine.

My personal experience with the Universal Sacred Support system is to include all aspects and facets.

When I was in the throes of grief and depression it was hard to believe In God, Goddess, All there is. I lost my faith for a long spell. …

It was the thrill of a lifetime for a cub reporter who was also a fan of televisions favorite newsman.

It may be people of a, um, certain age who remember Ed Asner’s most important role following the Mary Taylor Moore Show. It was playing a gruff-but-lovable editor of a great metropolitan newsroom, with each episode taking out of the pages of real stories of the day. It debuted on September 20, 1977.

Media folks were glued to the TV to watch it each week. …

Some thoughts on a peaceful life even in difficult times

Even in the most hopeless moments, and the most challenging times, there are steps we can take that will move us forward and bring us back into the light.

- Pray for others, as you also pray for yourself and your family.

- Express your creative spirit, every day, in many ways, or in the one way that calls to you most.

- Formulate your own spiritual practice, or adhere to one that makes your soul feel good.

- Consider that you are not alone and that there are forces…

These online classes at universities can help you become a better writer.

I have been a published journalist and author for 43 years, and I can tell you there is always something new to learn about writing. There are a gazillion course our there and there are more to come. I received information about the courses below via a mailing from Coursera, which has many free offerings from many universities and colleges. The titles are hyperlinked for your ease.

I am sharing this as a public service for writers. I have not enrolled in any of them and I am…

Four Stages of Publishing seen through the lens of the Four Stages of the Divine Feminine. Inspired by Donna Henes, author of Queen of My Self.

This was written for my course, She Who Scrivens…and Publishes (Being Your Own Queen of Creativity), which launches today at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference.

The idea of looking at publishing in these four stages was inspired by the theme of the conference (Tribal Star Queen), and Donna Henes (Mama Donna), an old friend and keynote speaker at the conference. She was the first to adapt the triple goddess paradigm to include a new aspect…

I wanted to talk to my favorite author but never got past a friendly nod.

We all have favorite authors and mine, as a teen and college student, was Kurt Vonnegut. My mother had most of his early books on her massive book shelf, but I think Breakfast of Champions was one of the first books I ever purchased as a young adult.

I just loved his writing. And as someone who wanted to be a writer, I saw him as an early role model.

I started working in Manhattan when I was 26 and a couple of years later…

Some forms of writing and reporting can be traumatic but they can also help you recognize and heal your own trauma and stress.

It wasn’t until I was laid off from a full time writing job writing about trauma that I realized how much I’d been living under the squeeze of deadline pressure and content-related stress.

I had a truly wonderful boss, who had hired me to write about mental health, and ghostwrite for doctors and therapists, on topics that all circled back to trauma.

I had experience with this material, from writing and editing at other health website, yet…

Just attended an Author’s Guild presentation called The Best Time For Publishing. The speaker, Marcus Dohle, CEO at Penguin Random House, is enthusiastic! He says that these are the top six reasons:

1) The global market — the revenue pool of this industry is growing every year. Every year people are spending more on reading stories in long-form.

2) We have stable, robust, good business models for digital books and printed books.

3) We have reached a healthy split between physical books and digital books — physical books are still 80 percent are physical and it’s stabilized the entire book…

This Mother’s Day, as we stand poised on the threshold of a dramatically changing world, it seems a fitting time to give a shout-out to the Divine Mother Goddess who helped bring forth the world.

I wanted to add in another Mom to honor this year: the Divine Mother.

She may not fit into everyone’s spiritual, cultural, or personal point of view, but she has existed through history and remains an integral part of many cultures and belief systems.

As an interfaith minister, trained in all the faiths of the world, I spent many years researching her presence in our…

A best selling self-help author discusses her foray into fiction

Daphne Rose Kingma has always written books about love and relationships.

In 2017 she published her first novel, The Magical World of Madame Métier, a “Spiritual Fairy Tale” about love, romance and friendship meant to empower women to discover and follow their destinies. Métier is the French word for “an occupation or activity that one is good at.”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Daphne when her book, The Future of Love, released in 1999. I was transformed by that book, by our chat, and Daphne’s unique wisdom about relationships…

She Who Scrivens-Laurie Sue Brockway

Laurie Sue Brockway is author more than 25 books. She shares ancient wisdom, spiritual tips, and emotional encouragement for modern scribes.

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